Lancashire 2014 Consideration Times and Programme of Events (Updated with Paper Entry Pack)

20 November 2013 in Swimming, Swimming Competition Info

please click the links below for the qualification times and programme for Lancashire Age groups 2013

Consideration Times

Programme of Events

2014 Conditions and Entry Pack Lancashire

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  1. Could you tell me if long course times from a level 1 meet converted using the asa tables will be accepted to qualify for the 2014 county championships please?

    • Yes, See condition 6: Qualifying Times 25m pool, or long course conversion (See section17) from a licensed meet since 1st April 2013 are required for all events. Please check the correct age group is entered relative to the swimmers date of birth. It is permissible for split times to be used for entries providing that the split time is less than or equal to the appropriate consideration time. Evidence of the achievement of this split time must accompany the entry. No Refunds for mistakes. Checks will be made against the current ASA ranking data base. Any swimmer found to be submitting false times may be subject to rejection in all events.

  2. Hi I am trying to open the Lancashire county championship 2014 entry form but it says file cant been found, several other people are having the same problem

    • Please could you clarify, are you not able to download the file or can you download but not open.

      If you are trying to open the link “Lancashire Championships 2014 Entry Data” this is an electronic entry data set and requires that you use the Sportsystems entry manager that can be found at and clicking on the “Meet entry manager” link. this is however intended for club competition secretary’s to use there is also now a post entry pack available

  3. Qualifying times are 25m pool or conversion but is the event swum in a 25m or 50m pool? Thanks

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