Lancashire County Swimming Championships

13 February 2015 in Swimming, Swimming Competition Info

Warm Up Schedule Liverpool

Warm Up Wk1

Important Notice for Spectators 

We would ask spectators to read the following notice concerning the facilities at Liverpool and Manchester

Spectator Notice County Champs

The draft programmes for each session are published below, together with the estimated session times

This year was always going to be something of an experiment, having dropped almost 2 age groups and moved the age date to 31 December.

As you will see the sessions are going to be busy, but still compliant with licensing guidelines.  We felt it unfair to consider rejecting swimmers to reduce the sessions, as this is a year of transition. Manchester is also possibly more popular,  as it falls within the British Champs/Nationals qualifying window.  This will not happen next year as the County Champs move to January/February.

We will of course, with the assistance of the technical officials, endeavour to keep the competiton flowing. Your patience and understanding would be appreciated.

Once the competiton has finished the swimming committee will undertake a full review of events, times etc in readiness for 2016.


Lancs 2015 Session times


13 responses to Lancashire County Swimming Championships

  1. Hi just tried to download the programme for the countys, the file is not opening up.

  2. Hi, two of my daughters events have the incorrect times, how can l change this please andcwho should I contact. Thank you you

    • The times have come direct from the ASA rankings, being the fastest of either the short course or converted long course ranking time. They should therefore be correct.
      If you still have queries you should direct them via your club external competition secretary

  3. Good afternoon.

    Have we any information regarding the Counties Championships scheduled for Jan 2016?

    Many thanks


    • Hi Andy
      The dates for 2016 are as follows:
      30th & 31st January & 6th & 7th February
      Both weekends are currently scheduled to be held at Manchester Aquatics.
      Bob Thompson

  4. Hi. Any update on when the 2016 consideration times will be released.


  5. Good morning Bob.

    Many thanks for your prompt response. I’m assuming the qualifying times won’t be far of being released as it’s a very small window of opportunity to qualify for 2016.



  6. Hi Andy
    Please see the recent post on the website

  7. Hi
    Any nearer getting the 2016 County times yet ?

  8. Not that we are impatient but it’s end of August and the window of qualification is very short.

  9. We are now end of August. Any news on the consideration times? I have a very impatient swimmer!

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